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The New Changes of Express Entry Explained By Canada Immigration Lawyer

canada immigration lawyerOne of the important features of the Canadian immigration system is that it provides great value to the potential immigrants. Immigrating to Canada is often the dream of many people as Canada is known to be a land of opportunities. Thus, millions of immigrants are migrating to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. As a result, many new changes are coming up in the immigration policies. Recently, the Canadian government enacted a wide range of improvements to the Express Entry Immigration System. In order to understand the policies in a better way, you will need to take the help of a Canada immigration lawyer. The immigration lawyer would assist clients in filling the applications in a right manner.

 Knowing Express Entry

The Express Entry system is designed to help in selecting the right candidate for permanent residence in Canada. In other words, it is a brand new channel that is helping IRCC to have a full control over the intake of application for several programs such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience class Program. This process has minimized the time frame for obtaining the Canadian PR Visa.

How The Change In Policy Are Helping People?

The change in the immigration policy has opened up windows for those who are looking forward to make a better future. It is ideal for applicants who are looking forward to permanent residency.

canadian immigration lawyer

How Can Immigration Lawyer Help You?

An immigration lawyer can help the applicants to understand the key changes brought to the Express Entry System. The changes are:

  • Reductions in the number of points needed for arranged employment offers.
  • Express entry candidates who studied in Canada will be provided additional points.
  • A person may be provided points during their job. It can also include people working on IEC visas.
  • Benefit from the work permits that a person receives from Canadian employers. It should also contain name of the employer in the work permit.
  • No longer will candidates be required to obtain LMIA document for receiving points.
  • Candidates who receive ITA for permanent residence will be provided 90bdays time period for submitting the application.

If you still can’t understand the nitty-gritty of immigration law, you can take the help of an immigration lawyer Ottawa. The benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer are:

  1. Helps in Documentation

Important details and documents are needed for obtaining the Express Entry. With the laws being confusing, an immigration lawyer can help you with the documentation process.

  1. Explain the Options

A good immigration lawyer will point out the options available for getting the Canadian citizenship. They will tell the clients about the procedures that are needed to be followed and time period required to convert from a permanent resident to a citizen.

A Canada immigration lawyer will help you to get a job legally. They can help clients to get educated on PR laws. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer in order to learn about immigration laws in Canada. They can educate clients on the new changes to laws governing immigration and entry as well.  Read this article on simple steps to get an immigration visa for Toronto.