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NS Council

This website is dedicated to inform the residents of Canada about the importance of voting and how it can impact the areas you are living in. Making a voting is big responsibility which should be excersized by every eligible citizen. With the elections happening at a periodic basis, we will also be starting to publish informative and academic articles that will help to understand the Canadian law in a better way. It also intendeds to encourage you to become more formally active in your community by identifying ways in which you can be involved. These include running in the next municipal elections, helping someone you know and respect become elected to your municipal council, participating on a municipal committee, volunteering in your community and of course exercising your right to vote. As well there are some tips on helping you to decide if becoming a municipal councillor is right for you and some things to consider when deciding who to vote for.

We believe that the fabric of your municipality is strengthened when you become actively involved. Your municipality receives the benefit of your energy, experience and wisdom and you receive the great satisfaction of knowing that you have made your community a better place to live.