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The Preliminary Process That a Toronto Criminal Lawyers Take For a Case

For an individual who had no previous history of going to criminal courts, an understanding of the criminal trial process can be intensely irritating for the accused person as well as for the family members. As not all criminal cases are same, it must be dealt carefully. If you are facing any kind of criminal charges in Toronto, its better that you don’t fight the case yourself. As the criminal law in Toronto is very strict, you should take the services of experienced criminal lawyers Toronto as soon as possible. Being experienced, they can help in protecting your rights, prepare a strong defense, and also assess the options present in front of you.

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Role of Defense Lawyer

  • Doing Paperwork

Preparing paperwork for the criminal case and finding the loopholes of the case. It would help the lawyers to respond to motions and argue with the prosecutor before the judge.

  • Negotiating Deals

The criminal attorney that you hire for your case can negotiate deals with the prosecutors. Apart from that, it can help clients by letting them learn about the legal rules and processes.

  • Meeting Clients

Criminal lawyers meet clients at the jail, where he/she is being held and awaiting trial. During the meeting, the client needs to share every detail pertaining to the case with lawyers. This would help the lawyer in building a strong defense against the charges. Based on the information obtained, the lawyer will make use of them during various motions and pleadings that are drafted on behalf of the client.

  • Meeting Prosecutors

The defense lawyer will meet the prosecutor in order to negotiate a plea bargain. This would help in reducing the criminal charges in lieu of the client’s guilty plea.

Important Stages of Criminal Case

Preliminary Court Hearing

It is only required for serious cases, or in the case, the prosecutor or the Jury requested for it. They are formal proceedings which help to consider whether or not there is enough evidence available for committing the accused person to stand trial. The judge decides whether the prosecutor has enough evidence of not. This hearing allows defense lawyers to investigate the prosecutor’s case for trial.


A criminal trial in Toronto gives defense lawyer and the prosecutor with a chance to present their side of the story in front of the judge or the jury. Criminal trials in Toronto are either held in the provincial court or in the superior court of justice. During a trial, the prosecutor tries to prove the accused person guilty. In case the prosecutor is not able to prove the person guilty of an offense, the person must be released.


If a person is found guilty of a criminal charge, he or she is bound to face a sentencing hearing. Defense lawyer’s needs to present at the time of sentencing as he/she may be help in bargaining the sentence and provide the accused with the best possible sentence.

A skilled criminal lawyer can effectively find the loopholes of a case and can argue the case in front of the jury. They will do their best to prove the accused not guilty and allow them to walk out freely.